Welcome to our puppetry website!

We aim to produce media that is fun and educational, with good morals and values at its core.
We are creating memorable and truely
South African characters using our talents in
Puppetry, Character Design and Animation

Our studio is divided into three main sections:

We design characters from concept sketches and models created locally. Each design is then carefully analysed for moveability (eg. rod or glove style puppetry). Fabrication is done in such a way as to bring out the detail and character without compromising on the puppetry performance.


Working together with the illustrators, characters and story lines can be developed to suit your needs. We develop our own unique stories and characters in-house.


CG is used to enhance scenes and create intro sequences, or virtual sets that may be difficult, costly or impossible to film with conventional camera moves. We are able to enhance the production value using a simple yet effective CG program.


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