As the artist's pencil sketched across the blank sheet of paper, our
character drew its first breath of life!

Once we have had our first meeting with a client, we get rough sketches drawn of the characters required. Once approved, the sketches are refined.

Refined drawings are done of each character by a professional illustrator. Once they are approved we start the modelling process.

Starting with the most important part - the eyes, we sculpt the characters to get a good idea of the shape and form of the character.

Once we have finished the sculpture, we have a 3D model of what the character should look like. This helps us to establish a working scale.

We then create a unique, custom-made mold and pattern that will be used to create the final puppet. Fabrics are carefully selected for each character.

The fabric pattern is then sewn and carefully fitted and attached to the puppet. The character now starts to take form.

Materials are machine and hand sewn, depending on the complexity of the part being created.

Once the pattern has been sewn and completed, we then start with the painting and adding of accessories like the eyes.

We pay special attention to the requirements of the puppeteers using the puppets (eg. light foam shell).

Our characters' parts are all custom made in-house. We create unique parts for each character eg. eyes, noses etc.

Once the finishing touches are added, the puppet is now ready to be delivered to the client after a screen test is done.

The puppet is then checked on set and the television production can begin. This is our basic character making process.


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