The excitement grew within them... then the words they had been
waiting for all these years echoed across the studio,
"Lights... Camera... Action"!
We call them the gang, because over the years they have started to increase in numbers. We started out in 2002 creating four characters for what we hoped would become a home-grown (South African) production about a group of friends out in nature having one adventure after the next.

We started out with our first script about a frog called Chip and a mouse called Howie. The test pilot episode looked stunning... the budget didn't.

Over the years, this little five minute episode became something we enjoyed watching, and it made us long to be able to make more of these little adventures.

The reality was that we could not self-finance this mammoth task on our own, so we decided to shelve the idea until a time when all the pieces were in the right places.

We decided to continue making puppets, and not just hand puppets, but puppets for stop-frame animation as well. This led to a whole new group of friends who joined our gang.


From Helpful Harry, Snail and Hippo to Alex the Alien. It was getting difficult to remember all of their names.

Over the years we have made a host of puppets for various projects. Lappies was one of our most enjoyable projects. We have made various African puppets, including, lions, hippos, a cheetah and a giraffe as well as a host of other characters that are out of this world!


Click on one of the videos below to see some of our puppetry test clips-

Wildtales - "Fly fishing with Chip and Howie"



Below are a few of the characters made for a locally based production company called "The Production Works - TPW".

"Lappies" production on the DSTV "Koowee" channel.

........ ........

........ ........

Six of the ten character from the Lappies Production (Currently in Afrikaans and Zulu)

Jim Henson was born
on 26 September 1936

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