All designs on this website are Copyrighted 1995-2007  Sceptre Seven Interactive Design

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100 series - R27.50 (Size - 100mm x 180mm)
200 series - R32.50 (Size - 150mm x 180mm)
300 series - R33.50 (Size - 345mm x 85mm)
400 series - R45.50 (Size - 354mm x 110mm)
600 series - R 52.50 (Size - 150mm x 285 mm)
800 series - R 65.00 (Size - 205mm x 230 mm)
900 series - R 73.00 (Size - 255mm x 275mm)
Number and Alphabet Sets - Number and Alphabet Sets in various sizes

How this catalogue works

This website has been set up for our customers to gain fast access to our database of stencil designs. On this page you will find an up-to-date catalogue. We have a range of over 350 designs that we are constantly growing. Click on one of the series above, to see a full selection of the designs.

Pre-cut Stencil Information

All our stencils are precision cut, on a specialised environmentally-friendly, white plastic. (This plastic does not release chemicals in the recycling process.)



All designs on this website are Copyrighted 1995-2007 Sceptre Seven Interactive Design

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