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Number and Alphabet sets

A wide variety of industries use our Stencil Numbers and Alphabet sets for marking Dates, Codes, Names, Numbers and Pricing on items and objects. From Container numbers and cement pipe product codes, to Parking Bay and Street numbers, the uses for these stencils are endless. 

We stock Number and Alphabet sets in various sizes. The size mentioned indicates the height of the Number / Letter. (75mm means that the Number / Letter is 75mm from top to bottom. The width varies according to the different Numbers / Letters.)

The sizes that we stock on our website are:

30mm  (Number and Alphabet sets) 

50mm  (Number and Alphabet sets)

75mm  (Number and Alphabet sets)

100mm  (Number and Alphabet sets)

150mm  (Number and Alphabet sets)

200mm  (Number and Alphabet sets)

220mm  (Number sets only - Used for marking Street House Numbers)

The font style is a standard stencil number and letter font.


Number and Alphabet sets are sold separately, and only in sets (we do not sell individual letters and numbers).

All numbers and letters have a standard bleed size around the them. The bottom of the stencils are used to line them up.

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